The ‘cafeteria of the future’ at Wells Fargo campus

ST. LOUIS - Food, glorious food! And, oh look at the options in the Market Street Café!

"You can get Indian, Asian, house-made pasta, wood-fired pizza, handmade sandwiches, carved items, we have special in-house pepper bacon we produce every single day, and it's hot and delicious," said Amanda Haun, sous chef.

The only catch; it's just for employees of Wells Fargo Advisors in downtown St. Louis.

"Over the last few years we've built out multiple floors in the building above the cafeteria here," said Zach Smith, Chief Administrative Officer at Wells Fargo Advisors. "So there's been a shift in our campus population to this side of campus. And we need food service to support the people who sit over here."

Feeding the 5,000 workers at the financial giant is a monumental task. And doing so in an environment that is up to date, unique, and delicious was a challenge that St. Louis-based architecture and design firm, Arcturus took on. Then they took down some walls.

"It was grey shell subterranean space," said Julie Keil, Principal Arcturis. "There was minimal access to the space and no access to daylight. So our design team, the challenge was how do we activate the space to where it's a place that people want to come."

The LEED-certified workspace cafeteria grows its own herbs which are used in the daily food stations or with the rotating guest chefs that visit the market street cafe.

From Wi-Fi throughout the 66,000 square-foot location to intimate workspaces or varied restaurant-style seating, it's an open naturally lit cafeteria of the future.

"A lot of the initial concepts we brought to Wells Fargo really came to fruition in the ultimate design," Keil said.

"So to be able to provide something like this with healthy choices in an inviting atmosphere has really been positive for us," Smith said.

The only problem is that you have to work for Wells Fargo Advisors to eat in this sci-fi food lounge of tomorrow.