6-year-old attacked by dog while walking to the bus stop

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. - Anna Young is still in shock as she recalls a man carrying her bloody six-year-old granddaughter to her door following a dog attack.

"It scared me real bad," Young said. "This guy came beating on my door really hard, I go to the door and he has her in his arms and I can see blood everywhere."

Young said she had just watched her granddaughter walk to her bus stop down the street moments before and figured everything was all right.

Unfortunately, Young was wrong.

The grandmother said a good Samaritan found the dog on top of the little girl biting her arm, back, and side.

The child's father, Colen Powell, said when he got the panicked call, he couldn't believe it.

"I was scared crying," he said. "I just, a lot of things were going through my mind."

EMS took the 6-year-old to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, where she received several stitches to close the wounds.

"It hurts her," Powell said. "She wakes up 4 o'clock telling me 'Dad it hurt,' 'Dad, it hurt as the dog bite me, dad.' She couldn't walk, couldn't even go to the bathroom on her own."

Powell said animal control took the dog, but it's unclear if it will be returned to the owner. He's hoping the right thing is done so another innocent child isn't hurt.

"She was just on her way to school," he said. "Just trying to get to school. Something needs to be done about this."

The 6-year-old has since returned home and the family plans to put her in counseling following the attack.