Fight at Hazelwood East caught on camera; parents say it happens all too often

ST. LOUIS COUNTY - Parents at Hazelwood East Middle School are calling video of a recent brawl involving students disturbing. They claim the fights are disruptive, dangerous, and non-stop.

One mother, whose daughter was in the fight, says the entire ordeal could have been prevented

In the video, two eighth-grade girls are fighting outside the school. An officer attempts to break up the fight and gets knocked over in the process.

"During the fight, the other girl hit my child first and St. Louis County Police tried to intervene. It was a big altercation and rumble outside the school," said Tequila Cole.

Cole's says she tried to notified the school before the fight happened, but claims school officials did not get involved.

"My daughter had been texting me saying that a girl had been bullying her and I would tell her to let the teachers know," Cole said. "I called the school the day of the fight and let them know the girl wanted to fight and the fight happened still, ending in a big altercation outside the school."

The Hazlewood School District released the following statement regarding the fight:

The district does not condone violence of any kind. The incident was thoroughly investigated and all parties were disciplined according to district guidelines. Please know that we take all student behavior incidents seriously and look at each one individually to determine the appropriate actions-restorative and corrective.

"My kids text me and send plenty of videos of fights that happen at the school. This is my daughter's first time having a fight in school, but they are normal there," Cole said.

Some parents are questioning the school's policies, claiming there have been several fights during the school year and are glad St. Louis County Police Resource officers were on hand to prevent the fight from escalating further.