MoDOT warns drivers to be extra careful because some roads are slick

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. - It was a busy Saturday night for road crews on both sides of the river as they worked to keep the streets from freezing over.

MoDOT crews have been monitoring the roads and say since they have their treatments down they expect to have minimal issues this morning. They've had 200 trucks on the roads  pre-treating since midnight Friday and worked through Saturday night into Sunday morning.

IDOT had trucks out as well overnight putting down salt anywhere it was needed.

Parking lots and other surfaces that were not treated during Saturday night`s winter weather could be areas of concern Sunday morning. MoDOT is also reminding drivers to be careful on elevated surfaces likes bridges and overpasses.

"We've gone over all our roadways, but not all the roads are MoDOT's, not all the counties and cities treat them the same, sidewalks especially are going to be an area of concern for everybody," said Bob Becker.

If you are heading out Sunday morning, there are some slick spots. Sidewalks and driveways are a little icy as well. MoDOT is requesting that drivers take it slow and give those truck plenty of room to work .