Film and TV star John Goodman comes back to St. Louis to visit KTRS

ST. LOUIS – Actor John Goodman is back in his hometown of St. Louis this week.

Fox 2's Dan Gray caught up with him to talk about his new TV show and his love for St. Louis.

John Goodman, star of TV and movies, and a south St. Louis County native and Affton High School graduate, has lived in New Orleans for most of his acting career. But this week he told me he had to get out of New Orleans.

“I had to get out of my house because my daughter brought about 30 kids for Mardi Gras so daddy gets evicted and I just take off every year, go somewhere if I’m not working and I decided to come back up to Missouri.”

In addition to movies Goodman will be part of the revival of Roseanne which is coming back to television after its 1997 finale.

“It was like coming back to 20 years later after having two weeks off everybody fell right back into to it. It was a dream.”

He was back to visit the Big 550 KTRS radio at Westport Plaza.  He was one of the original investors in the radio station. Goodman was back to welcome Guy Phillips back on the air. Phillips left Y-98 last fall and today was his first day back on the air on KTRSs with co-host Julie Buck.

“They ask me if I wanted to come in and say hi on their first day and I adore Julie so I thought yeah.”

And the big Hollywood star loves his career but loves his hometown even more.

“I’ve always had a connection with St. Louis as soon as I got to New York I wanted to come back here.  I've always considered this my primary home.  I have a lot of friends here and it’s a friendly city, it’s a great city and it’s great to come back to.”

By the way, Goodman says he feels so much better physically after losing about 100 pounds.

He said he doesn't consider himself a role model for those wanting to lose weight, but he says smaller portions and exercise has worked for him.