Marshall the Miracle Dog serves St. Louis students

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Marshall the Miracle Dog has long been a St. Louis hero, and now he's taking a bite out of bullying.

Owner and author of Marshall the Miracle Dog Cyndi Willenbrock, Special Ed teachers Diane Witte and Amanda Williams, and co-creator of Marshall Mentor Program Amanda Meek join us to talk about how Marshall the Miracle Dog is serving St. Louis students with special needs through Marshall's Bullying Prevention Program.

Marshall has a three-inch scar on his cheek and amputated leg as a result of a hoarding situation. His story and how he overcame his scars have helped so many and made him St. Louis' Miracle Dog.

Marshall started his 'school career' at Northview High School over 6 years ago with his first school visit and has since presented to for 300,000 students in 1200 schools nationwide.

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