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Health Watch: Treating Sports Injuries

SLUCare sports medicine orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Karr met Joseph Clay after he injured his knee while playing football and later while playing baseball.  The Brentwood High School senior started recovery after surgery when he was just a freshman. "I went to physical therapy, 6 months each time for a total of a year. I did have a lot of follow up meetings here with Dr. Karr and some of the other doctors here. I'm back to playing football, doing all that stuff and practicing regularly and I haven't had any problems since".

Kaar say the department has many different specialists helping keep people moving even without surgery.  Karr sees patients of all ages, including those on rigorous workout schedules, and less active weekend warriors. His most common surgeries are ACL tears, but he is passionate about helping athletes recover from other types of injuries as well. "No matter the age, the technical part is the same with patients, but the conversations vary," Kaar says. "For some athletes, it's hard telling someone he or she will miss a season and that it might impact the following season as well. Making the decision to have the surgery is a big deal because much of the patient's identity is tied to the sport. However, some injuries can be life-changing in the short term, even though they are often not a big deal in the long term."

SLUCare's sports medicine team includes four physicians, a physician assistant and two clinical nurses. With two orthopedic surgeons and two family practice physicians leading the way, the group deals with everything from shoulder and knee injuries to concussions and tendinitis.

Kaar says seeing patients get back to doing what they love is gratifying and its own reward. "I love the interactive nature of the job," he says. "I love the people I work with who want to get better. And I find the surgeries I do cutting-edge, fun and exciting."

The SLUCare sports medicine team focuses on helping patients recover from a variety of injuries. For more information, click here or call 314-977-4440