St. Louis woman loses half her body weight and wants to inspire others

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Julie Newman

ST. LOUIS, MO — A Boeing human resources manager is sharing her success after losing half of her body weight. Julie Newman says that anyone who hears her story should, “Know that you are worth it. Take the leap of faith and invest in yourself and your future!”

Newman went from weighing 250lbs in 2016 to losing more than half her size. Over the past year, she has lost 131 lbs.

“I don’t remember a time when weight wasn’t an issue for me. I have struggled with it my whole life,” she recounts. “My first ‘success’ was approximately, 30 years ago. When I hit my goal I ate everything I had deprived myself of while on the program and began to regain the weight.”

This lifelong struggle led her to the brink, feeling there was no way out but surgery. She elected to have a gastric bypass procedure about a decade ago, but it ultimately proved futile as well. As her travel schedule picked up, the weight she had lost crept back on.

“It became more and more challenging to stay on track as I traveled and eventually after 3-4 years I had gained back much of the weight I lost with the procedure,” Newman recalls.

As 2016 was winding up, weighing in at 250lbs, with her work schedule slowing down, reality struck.

“It was Christmas time and I was with family; I remember the happiness all around me. The promise of Christmas and the fact that God loved me so much…that I might live an abundant life made me reflect and I knew inside I was not as joyful as I should be. I knew my weight was holding me back from living the life God intended,” writes Newman.

It was at that time she heard about a St. Louis weight loss coach who also lost a lot of weight. That coach, Charles D’Angelo, won the battle with the bulge and committed his life to helping others ever since.

Like most people, Julie said she knew what to do, but really didn’t know how to get herself to do it. The first meeting with this coach proved eye-opening.

“He immediately asked the hard questions, seeking to get to the core of why weight has been an issue for me,” writes Newman.

Charles D’Angelo says her weight loss had less to do with what she was eating, but what was eating her. His approach is more about mindset than muscle. D’Angelo says he helps clients to develop “self-love” and trust through structure and discipline. His plan has people eating six healthy meals a day, every three hours, and making the treadmill their new best friend.

Those meals are just items anyone can buy at the grocery store. The foods include lean protein, green veggies, fruit, and whole grains. The strategy is to eat these foods and exercise regularly.

Newman is now working to maintain her weight loss.

“I have known for some time that one of the purposes in my life is to help other people,” writes Newman. “Life is a continuous journey and I know I have not ‘arrived’ because there is much more to learn and much more to do. Now I can be about doing it without the burden of weight hindering me.”

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