Parkway Board of Education candidate under fire again for social media post

CHESTERFIELD, MO - Jeanie Ames, a Parkway school candidate is under fire again for a social media post.

Parents sent in this screenshot of the Ames personal locked twitter page tweeting out an article alleging a Parkland school shooting survivor as being a crisis actor.

Some parents say they can’t believe it.

“Any type of person that will cause division instead of bringing everyone together is not the type of person I want leading the charge,” a parent said.

This latest social media mishap comes just weeks after the school board candidate retweeted an article saying Islam should be banned in the United States.

At that time, Ames did not return our message seeking a response.

Now with this latest occurrence, Parkway Central student Daniel Hasler has a lot to say about the candidate that could potentially be leading his school.

“It’s a terrible accusation to make because she’s never experienced what those people have gone through,” Hasler said. “I hope no one ever has to experience what they’ve gone through. And it also means she doesn’t understand the sensitivity behind the subject or the subject matter.”

Hasler is unable to vote in the April election, but he’s hoping that parents and others in the community will make the right decisions.

“I think it’s one of the worst possible things that come out of an election is to have someone who is unable to sympathize with another person or who is unable to look at an open mind educational possibility and simply moral possibilities,” Hasler said.
Fox 2 reached out to Ames via her campaign Twitter account for a comment, but no one returned the message.

Parents will have their chance to get some answers on her twitter habit at a candidate forum on March 12th.