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Teachers sign up for free concealed carry training

GODFREY, Il. - Trigger Talent, a local concealed carry training company, announced its offering a free weekend-long training course to area teachers and school administrators.

"I fully believe the quickest way to stop an active shooter in a school is with teachers or administrators or designated people who are already there to have a weapon on them," said Mark Maggos, chief instructor with the company.

Maggos said after posting about the free course on his Facebook page it filled up within hours. He said of the 40 Metro East teachers that reached out, 35 of them were women.

"They are in fear all the time, they don't want it to happen to them, they don't want it to happen to their kids," he said.

Maggos said the instructors will volunteer their time. He said normally the class is $150 a person.

"We can't just wait for law enforcement to respond, it's not law enforcement fault, it's just a time thing and these shooters barge in, they go active and they go hot," he said.

Maggos said while the class is already booked he hopes to offer another free one to area teachers soon. For more information, you can visit the company's website here.

"Schools are gun-free zones and these mass murderers know that they are not going to be challenged," he said.