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Critically wounded Arnold officer now lifting weights during physical therapy session

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - The Arnold police officer who was shot in the head continues to stun his doctors and family.

During his physical therapy session Friday morning, Ryan O’Connor managed to do bicep curls. He was also able to play “balloon volleyball,” passing the balloon with his physical therapist.

The actions represent the latest breakthroughs for O’Connor, who was shot in the back of the head by a burglary suspect December 5. He is being treated for a traumatic brain injury at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado.

O'Connor's initial prognosis was dim – doctors were resigned to him not being able to move, breathe, or speak on his own. But prayers, love, and the best medical treatment turned the officer, husband, and father of four in a different direction.

Earlier this month, he shocked everyone around him when he said his first sentence on his own. His wife, Barbara, said he wanted to get his badge back.

O'Connor was also able to kick a soccer ball lightly and is showing movement in other parts of his body. He's been receiving treatment at Craig Hospital since early January.