Fish Frys are back with Lenten season underway

ST. LOUIS, MO - For Christians, the Lenten season is here. The 40-day period before Easter is considered a time of penance and reflection. Roman Catholics and some other Christian denominations give up favorite activities or foods as a form of self-sacrifice. They also abstain from eating the meat of warm-blooded animals on Fridays, a practice that can be traced all the way back to the earliest Christians.

Here in St. Louis, that means Fridays are for Fish Frys! Many Catholic parishes and other organizations cook up loads of fried and baked fish, macaroni and cheese, meatless spaghetti, cheese pizza, and other meat-free options for not just those following the Lenten rules, but for all hungry people looking for a great meal.

At Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the Hyde Park neighborhood, they are bringing back fish frys after twenty years. They are serving fish for lunch and dinner each Friday during Lent, from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Most Holy Trinity's congregation is just 80 people. They hope bringing the fish frys back will bring some people to their parish. The church is located at 3519 North 14th Street.

Searching for a fish fry?  FOX 2’s Fish Fry Finder can help you plan your Fridays. Is your parish or organization not listed? Register here