Hillsboro Intermediate students’ anti-bullying video gains worldwide attention

HILLSBORO, Mo. - Some Jefferson County students are being applauded for taking a stand against bullying. Their anti-bullying video, "No Name Calling," is not only becoming popular nationwide but across the world as well.

The students and teachers at Hillsboro Intermediate ay the video could not have been timelier with the recent tragedies that occurred at some schools across the country. They say the subject is very personal to them in this community.

Created with the help of their counselors and character counts sponsors, Hillsboro Intermediate students are seen holding signs with various words to describe how bullying can be hurtful.

The student and teacher produced video has racked over 100,000 views from around the globe.

They may be young, but the students say it's never too early to spread the message of kindness and bring about a positive change.

A school representative says they're already working on their ideas for another anti-bullying video for next year.