Police: Suspected shooter called 911 before murder-suicide

BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, Mo. (KTVI) - Three people are dead in Bellefontaine Neighbors in an apparent murder-suicide; a young child, the only survivor, apparently heard everything.

Detectives at Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department say they had to force their way into the home in the 1200 block of Hoyt Drive and found a mother, her son and the gunman dead.

"It's a shame, I just would not expect it right here and then being so close to my home," said Miceala Redmond.

It was around midnight Thursday when police say 31-year-old Dornubari Dugbor called them from the home.

He told the police to come to the house and they would find dead bodies inside.

"The girlfriend and boyfriend they were recently engaged in January, we know they had some kind of relationship for the past 4 years because the 4-year-old was a child in common," said Jeremy Ihler.

Police say 31-year-old Katrina Banks and her 15-year-old son, Kevin Robinson, were both shot to death.

The suspected caller, Dubor was also dead. He'd apparently shot himself.

"I looked out my window seen all the police pass the house and crime tape out and everything," said Redmond

While searching the home investigators found a 4 year- old -little girl in the back bedroom.

She was pretending to be asleep.

She was not injured.

Detectives say the girl is the daughter of the Dugbor and Banks.

"Sadly, she'd heard the awful tragedy play out.

"She was close enough to the event where she heard the gunshots and heard other scuffles and talk during the event and would imagine a four-year-old is going to be scared from this type of event I feel for her greatly," said Ihler.

At first, police thought it might be a triple murder.

Police quickly determined this was a murder-suicide for no obvious reason.

Police had never been called to the home for any disturbance. At this point police do not have a motive. The investigation is on-going.