Animal lover’s turnout to adopt pets from Louisiana shelter

ST. LOUIS - Stray Rescue of St. Louis helped rescue 70 dogs that were about to be euthanized in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.  Stray Rescue has a prior relationship with the parish and has discovered there are not enough resources in St. Landry to take care of that community’s strays.


“Our shelter is already full,” said Stray Rescue’s Natalie Thomson.  “So, we blasted out on social media requests for anyone will to adopt these dogs.”


Thomson said the outpouring of support was overwhelming.  She said, “St. Louis is awesome.”


The animal control director for St. Landry drove the van filled with the dogs to St. Louis.  She was at Stray Rescue to see the long line of people willing to adopt dogs that no one on in her community wanted.


“These dogs have literally sat in kennels you know on a hard cement floor and tonight they’ll sleep on someone’s bed or on someone’s couch,” said Stacey McKnight.  “It’s really almost a miracle.”


Stray Rescue is still in need of help.  The shelter is already full.  Anyone wishing to help should visit the website


“All adoption fees right now are being sponsored for dogs and cats over 6 months old, so there’s really never been a better time,” said Thomson.  “We have cute, snuggly ones.   We have energetic ones. We’ve got couch potatoes, everything. Big, small, whatever you’d want.”