Arts Pop: Muny tries going year-round in the ’80s and hits a sour note

ST. LOUIS, MO - Ask a St. Louisan about the Muny and they will likely say it is our Summer outdoor theater. But in the 1980s, Muny executives tried to change that. In an attempt to become a year-round operation, the Muny partnered with other local theaters, indoor ones, to bring more and more musicals to town.

How do you produce that many shows locally? You don't. Many of the shows were touring productions, and therefore casting and quality were out of the control of the local Muny staff. Audiences noticed and attendance numbers were down.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch theatre critic Judith Newmark continues her look back at the 100 year history of the Muny, decade by decade.

The Missouri History Museum is busy working on a special exhibit on the Muny’s 100 years.