Creve Coeur Camera store break-in caught on camera

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - Caught on camera, police are looking for the suspects who broke into Creve Coeur Camera store early Sunday morning. The store has had several break-ins over the years. The store owner says he's fed up after the thieves left thousands of dollars’ worth of damage behind.

The would-be robbers cut their way through thick dry wall at the back of the Creve Coeur Camera Store on Olive shattering glass.  Once inside, surveillance cameras tracked their every movement.

Wearing gloves and a mask.  One suspect crawls on the floor with his elbows as he tries to stay below the sensors.  Suddenly, he hits a motion detector and he goes into another stock room.  He comes back out hits another sensor and leaves the store without any merchandise.  "He went in and out of rooms didn’t quite see anything and he started piling cameras up, the motion detector went off and he ran out the store," said Steve Weiss, the owner.

"This is the second break in about three months here.  We are tired of playing games.  We are going to arm this store with a lot of lights and motion detectors and lot more metal.  They can break in, but once they get in the store, the alarm is going to going go off.  We are not playing games," said Weiss.

The suspect did a tremolos amount of damage on the interior and the outside the store that will cost the owner thousands of dollars.