Jefferson County Clerk joins lawsuit to increase his pay

HILLSBORO, MO -The You Paid For It Team catches up with the latest Jefferson County elected official who is a party to a lawsuit suing their own county to get more money for themselves.

More than a half dozen present and former elected county official are contending that the charter intended for them to get higher pay.

The latest official I caught up with is the Jefferson County Clerk Randy Holman.

He defends his decision to join the lawsuit.

The county has been forced to set aside $1.2 million dollars just in case it loses the lawsuit and has to pay its current officials higher salaries.  It would have to pay nearly all those in the lawsuit higher benefits and backpay.

The Jefferson County Council is fighting the lawsuit.  The Chairman of the Council says the elected officials knew their salary when they ran for office and that to sue now is unfair to taxpayers.

The Council Chairman also says the legal fees alone could cost taxpayers up to $150,000.