Courtland Sykes picks up endorsement from Alabama judge Roy Moore

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Missouri Republican Courtland Sykes has received an endorsement in his run for US Senate: former Senate candidate from Alabama, Roy Moore.

Sykes traveled to Alabama to stump for Moore and defend the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama amid accusations of sexual misconduct involving underage girls from decades ago. Moore denied any wrongdoing but lost the race to opponent Doug Jones. With the surprise victory, Jones became the first Democrat to win a US Senate seat in the state since 1992.

In the weeks before the Alabama election, Sykes released a 40-minute documentary in support of Moore and questioned the legitimacy of the claims against him.

“There is not a scintilla of evidence proving that Roy Moore did anything,” Sykes said. “It’s just pure accusations three weeks before an important election. This isn’t a coincidence, this is garbage.”

Moore’s statement reads as follows:

To the People of the Great State of Missouri,

Our nation continues to struggle with direction in an ever-changing world, while politicians in Washington D.C. appear content to follow political party leaders, intent on their own agenda and not that of the American people.

We are a great nation which is being divided by racial strife, gender warfare, and political party hypocrisy. The upcoming elections in 2018 may prove to be one of the most important elections in history, and will determine the future of our Country and our posterity for many years to come.

I want to take this opportunity to recommend for your consideration my friend, Courtland Sykes, a man of vision and principle who will make a real difference in the United States Senate.

Courtland is a man of impeccable character, courage, and Christian faith. We need men like Courtland Sykes in the Senate of the United States, a leader who will not only say what is right, but also a leader who will do what is right!

If you are tired of special interest politicians and liberal news organizations who seek to control us with “fake news,” then I ask for you to vote for Courtland Sykes in the upcoming election for United States Senate.

Together we will make a difference, and make America great again!

Sykes is one of five candidates to declare for the Republican Senate primary. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is widely considered the favorite to win the nomination to face incumbent Claire McCaskill in the general election.

Though President Donald Trump has yet to make a formal endorsement in the race, he recently traveled to Missouri for a Hawley fundraising event. Hawley also drew national attention for suggesting Missouri host the president’s proposed military parade.

In his first television interview, Sykes told Fox 2 that he wants to “Make America Great Again” by pushing President Trump’s “America First” agenda. Sykes said his pro-gun, anti-abortion, IRS eliminating, border wall building, climate change denying stances are bold by design.

In late January, Sykes posted a statement on Facebook about his view on women’s rights. In it, he said he rejects, “Radical feminism’s crazed definition of modern womanhood.” Sykes said he wanted his daughters to be homemakers rather than, “career-obsessed banshees or “nail-biting manophobic feminist she-devils.” He later made another post mocking Sen. McCaskill by comparing her to “Little Mermaid” villain Ursula.

For her part, McCaskill said doesn’t take Sykes seriously and added that she felt sorry for him.

The primary election is August 7. The general election is November 6.

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