O’Fallon MO police officers use virtual reality to train for active shooter situations

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O’FALLON, MO – The O'Fallon, Missouri Police Department received training in their active shooting simulator Monday.  For the first time, they're getting a virtual look at familiar surroundings.

Virtual training for O’Fallon, Missouri police is getting even more realistic. They’re now using footage of Fort Zumwalt North and Fort Zumwalt West High Schools.

“So do you want to you don’t wanna be confused by where you are what you’re doing or how does this school is laid out so it’s just so important that we put ourselves into those environments those training scenarios so when it really matters to make those seconds count,” says Officer Matt Frkovic.

Amid the chaos and confusion officers need to watch their surroundings. The system has a device that shocks them if they’re shot by the suspect.

This is practice they hope to never put into action, but a reality school leaders are trying to prepare for.

Superintendent Dr. Bernard Dubray tries to reassure the 18,000 students coming to school each day of their safety.

“It makes you feel uncomfortable, but I will tell you as I watched it, the police officers who were shooting said when it was over they said they were sweating.  It’s so real it’s good training,” says DuBray.

If you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation carefully follow police instruction.

“We want to see your hands. Hands are what kills a police officer.  Just do what we tell you to do. It’s going to be chaotic. We may tell you to get on the ground,” says Smith.

The Zumwalt School District has a hotline you can call to report if you see something suspicious.

That number is 314-941-0331.

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