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Mo. lawmakers form committee to investigate Greitens allegations

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A Missouri House Committee will now investigate Governor Eric Greitens. There are growing calls for him to step down.

FOX 2's Jeff Bernthal is in Jefferson City with reaction from lawmakers.

The Missouri House has passed a bill that would make it a felony to disseminate _ or threaten to disseminate _ private sexual images.

The 149-1 House vote Monday comes as Gov. Eric Greitens is facing a felony indictment on a charge of invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a photo of a nude or partially nude woman in 2015 and transmitting it to a computer.

Lawmakers didn't mention Greitens during their brief debate Monday. But some noted that the legislation also had been proposed last year. The allegations against Greitens did not become public until this past January.

Greitens has acknowledged having an affair but has denied using a photo as blackmail for the woman to remain silent.

The House legislation now moves to the Senate.