The 8 adorable St. Louis Zoo cheetah cubs now have names

ST. LOUIS, MO — The eight cheetah cubs at the Saint Louis Zoo now have Swahili names. The cubs, three males and five females, were born at the Saint Louis Zoo River’s Edge Cheetah Breeding Center on November 26, 2017. They just turned three months old.

The cub’s names are:

  • Moja (MOH-jah), female — means one
  • Mbili (BEE-lee), male — means two
  • Tatu (TAH-too), male — means three
  • Nne (NNN-eh), female — means four
  • Tano (TAH-noh), male — means five
  • Sita (SEE-tah), female — means six
  • Saba (SAH-bah), female — means seven
  • Nane (NAH-neh), female — means eight

The St. Louis Zoo says that in over 430 litters documented by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), this is the first time a female cheetah has produced and reared on her own a litter of eight cubs at a zoo. The average litter size is three to four cubs.