Residents feel unsafe with blocks and blocks of street lighting out

ST. LOUIS - It's a big problem in St. Louis, especially for high crime neighborhoods.  Street lights are going dark for blocks and blocks.

Recently lights in a 30-block area went out, some 150 street lights.

Residents called You Paid For It investigator Elliott Davis to look into a problem they say is making them feel unsafe.

Elliott started looking and found the lights out in the Wells Goodfellow neighborhood, Walnut Park, and on Grand Avenue.

He talked to Deanna Venker, the head of the St. Louis Traffic and Lighting Department for answers.

She told Elliott the city pays $1.5 million to keep the street lights on, but infrastructure problems are causing blocks of street lighting to go out.

Right now, she says her workers are doing their best to deal with the problem as quickly as possible in getting the lights back on. She admits is not an easy problem to solve and it's one that effects the entire city.