Pastor tells congregation everyone needs to secure their prescription drugs

MANCHESTER, MO – Governor Greitens announced a new effort Monday to fight the opioid epidemic.

He wants to crack down on Medicaid providers who are overprescribing opioids.

Fox 2's Molly Rose went to a church that’s doing its part to fight opioid addiction.

It was an emotional presentation, people heard from a couple in their church who lost their son recently to opioid addiction.  The pastor says they shared their experience tonight in hopes of preventing future deaths.

A representative from the Drug Enforcement Administration came out to speak, sharing signs to look for and recent trends with this addition.  He said 90 Americans die every day from overdosing on opioids.

The pastor of the church, Rev, Jim Peich says the first way you can help is to secure your prescription drugs and make sure they are destroyed when you don`t need them anymore.

Tonight wasn`t just about keeping opioids secured from teens and children but other adults.

We heard an emotional story about a realtor who would go through people`s medicine cabinets during open houses.

Reverend Peich says each person can play a small part in preventing their prescription drugs from getting into the wrong hands.