Committee charged with investigating Governor Greitens hold first meeting

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The Missouri House Special Investigative Committee tasked with taking a closer look at Governor Eric Greitens indictment met for the first time in Jefferson City Tuesday.  The meeting at the Capitol was brief with the committee chairman State Rep. Jay Barnes telling reporters no members of the committee will be commenting to the media about their work.

“This committee exists solely as a fact-finding entity and this is something that we take seriously,” said Barnes, a Republican from Jefferson City.

Barnes is also an attorney. He said some of the committee’s work will be done in private.

“As a committee that wants to go through a fact-finding process, having that completely open would destroy the very purpose of the committee,” he said.

The 7-member committee is made up of 5 republicans and 2 democrats.  They voted unanimously on Tuesday to hold their next meeting in a closed session.  That meeting is scheduled to take place at the Jefferson City Police Department at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

The committee chairman would not say whether any witnesses are being interviewed but it’s possible the meeting will be held at the police department in an effort to keep the identity of witnesses private.

“We also have I believe a responsibility to protect the identity and privacy of witnesses and we will do our best to make sure that that happens,” said Barnes.

The committee has been tasked with completing its investigation within 40 days but could request more time if necessary.  The committee will eventually present its report to the entire Missouri House which will then determine whether the indictment should lead to impeachment proceedings.

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