Gov. Greitens appears with bear cub on Facebook after indictment meeting

ST. LOUIS, MO — Missouri Governor Eric Greitens posted pictures and a story about meeting a baby black bear in Howell County Tuesday evening.  This is in the midst of a committee meeting into a criminal indictment.  The committee held its first meeting at the Capitol last night.

Prosecutors say there are no legal grounds to dismiss the criminal indictment against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. The Republican governor was indicted by a St. Louis grand jury last month on a felony invasion of privacy. He’s accused of taking a compromising photograph of a woman without her consent when they had an affair in 2015, before he was elected. Greitens has admitted to the affair but denies criminal wrongdoing. The trial is scheduled for May 14.

Governor Greitens posted this story about the meeting with the bear cub to Facebook Tuesday afternoon:

“Ever watch someone walk right up to a 280 lb. Mama Black Bear guarding her cubs? I saw it today. Pretty crazy. Pretty cool. Awesome to see the work of our brave, thoughtful Department of Conservation scientists.

To govern well, you can’t be behind a desk all day. You have to be out with the people you represent, and the workers on the front lines serving Missourians. So, that’s what we’ve been doing.

We went to Howell County today to spend the morning with state workers on the Black Bear Project. They track and research bears across Missouri to keep the population steady, and to make sure that they don’t cause a nuisance or danger.

The scientists collected data, and checked on the health of the sow and cubs; impressive to experience the majesty of Missouri’s wildlife and the dedication of your Conservation team.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation posted pictures of the same bear to their Facebook page Monday.  This is the caption to the image:

“MDC staff are out in the woods checking bear dens as part of ongoing research to measure reproductive and survival rates of female bears in Missouri. They found this cub late last week denning with its siblings and mother. It is getting a microchip implanted to help ID it over time. The sow bear is tranquilized in the den before the cubs are briefly removed to check weight, sex, overall health, and more. The cubs are then returned to mom ASAP. Learn more about the research at…/missouri-black-bear-project. Thank you to Heather Feeler of MDC for the pic.”