St. Louis a first-time city for many SEC Tournament fans and teams

ST. LOUIS - Wednesday was the official kick-off to the SEC tournament action as fans from all over descended on downtown St. Louis.

Proudly wearing their favorite team’s name, Nancy Williams along with her mom, dad and brother drove 5-hours from Paducah, Kentucky as their hometown’s, university plays on Friday.

“We’ve been fans since we were young,” Williams said, “we record all of the ball games and watch them two or three times apiece if they win.”

It’s a first-time visit to St. Louis for the family.

“Oh, we love it,” Williams said, “I’ve never seen Union Station, we’ve never seen it, it’s beautiful.”

The marquee at Landry’s Seafood is a sure sign that the restaurant wants to welcome business from the thousands of fans visiting.

“We’ve seen maybe 15 to 20 groups already come in and we are blessed to have this event,” said general manager, Kevin Myers, “this is going to be a big one and our staff is well prepared. We try not to show that we are all Missouri fans.”

Wildcats fan Rick Casebolt said that he’s traveled to many SEC tournaments and as far as St. Louis compares, it feels like home.

“We all bleed blue,” Casebolt said, “we have the tendency to take over places so a home game away from home could turn out that way.”

Win or lose, fans said that it’ll be all worth the experience.

“Even if we lose we’re gonna hope somebody from another school will buy our tickets from us,” said Williams laughingly, “but hopefully we will win.”