Police say scammers claim to shut off utilities unless they’re immediately paid

Senior Woman Giving Credit Card Details On The Phone

CUBA, MO – Police are warning of callers trying to scam people in the area. They say there have been a few instances of this scam in Crawford County.

This is the Facebook message to posted by police:

“Apparently there is a new scam affecting Cuba area residents. They scam is from a call center claiming that your utilities will be shut off if your bill isn’t paid immediately. The call will advise you to go get a “Green Dot” card (sorry folks but I don’t know what a green dot card is but you can apparently get one at Casey’s Store). Cuba doesn’t use a call center to collect utility bills.

We have had a few victims of this scam. Please before you send money from calls that demand you to send money…… please call the Cuba Police Dept or the Crawford Co. Sheriff’s Office or your local city office to verify if the call is true or like this one a scam. More information as it comes in!!!

Thank you

Chief Paul Crow”