South St. Louis County McDonald’s flips logos for ‘International Women’s Day’

ST. LOUIS, MO — South St. Louis County and Jefferson County McDonald’s owner-operator Janeth Kirkhuff is celebrating International Women’s Day. Her Tesson Ferry location flipped their logo to mark the occasion.  She is one of 100 women owners McDonald’s is celebrating Thursday.

Kirkhuff’s first job after coming to America from Guatemala 29-years ago was at a McDonald’s. Now she and her husband own six locations in south St. Louis County, Hillsboro, Potosi, Desloge, and Desoto.

“I was going to school and working, so I worked at McDonald’s because of the flexibility of the hours,” Kirkhoff says in a statement.

McDonald’s even helped her improve her English, providing books and videos. She eventually moved into management. She also met her husband while working at McDonald’s, which was his first job as well.

“This acknowledgment means a lot to our entire organization. It’s not about me, it’s about all of us. This is an honor for our entire crew,” said Kirkhuff.

You can see the flipped logos on special packaging and uniforms at their 13050 Tesson Ferry McDonald’s.