Police: Adam Tumbrink and woman are not considered missing

UPDATE: Police sent new information in regards to this story Friday afternoon, "In regards to missing persons Adam Tumbrink and Chelsea Green. The investigation revealed that both subjects are not endangered missing persons. They were both seen on 03/08/18, which was substantiated by independent witnesses. This is not a criminal matter. Both of their families were contacted."

O'FALLON, Mo. - O'Fallon, Missouri police have called off the search for a man who seemingly disappeared earlier this week. Friday afternoon, police said the investigation revealed that Adam Tumbrink is not an endangered missing person. Police say he was seen on Thursday (March 8) by an independent witness.

"This is not a criminal matter," police said. Tumbrink's family has been contacted.

Tumbrink, 39, has not been seen or heard from by his family since Tuesday (March 6) when he spoke to his wife on the phone his wife around 5 p.m. that day.

The husband and father of two works in the construction industry and told his wife he was going to do a bid on a project, then run a few errands before returning home. Tumbrink has yet to return.

“This is highly unlikely of him so really puzzled, confused, upset,” said Tumbrink's friend, Shannon Lewandoski.

Thursday (March 8), Tumbrink’s SUV was spotted in a parking lot near Highway K and Interstate 64 about 10 miles away from his home. O’Fallon police searched the vehicle.

“His car was unlocked, cellphone was laying on the front seat. It was turned off, but it was charged," said Lewandoski. "The car being unlocked is a little strange especially having valuable items in it.”

Tumbrink’s family is hoping he will return home soon.

“Adam, we miss you very much," said the missing man's wife, Nicole Tumbrink, while comforting their distraught children. "All three of us love you more than anything. We want you home.”