Watch Al Watkins’ raucous news conference involving Greitens investigation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The ex-husband of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens' former mistress is telling all. Hours before his testimony to a Missouri House committee on Friday, the ex-husband's attorney addressed the media.

The House committee is made up of five Republicans and two Democrats. The committee has 40 days to complete its investigation.

Gov. Greitens was arrested February 22 on charges of felony invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a picture of a nude or partially nude woman without her consent.

Lawyers for Governor Eric Greitens and the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office have traded legal barbs. The governor's legal team filed a motion asking for evidence that they say could compromise the case. The defense team wants to know if the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office pressured Greitens' alleged victim to testify in the case.

Al Watkins, the attorney representing the ex-husband of Greitens' mistress, held a news conference outside the Jefferson City Police Department to respond to recent comments about his client.

"There has been an increase of statements and references by shields of the governor, trying to imitate and doing another act of victimization,” Watkins said.

Watkins used strong language, saying that throughout the case there has been intimation and threatening of witnesses involved in the case against the governor.

“I would tell them to shove it right up their ---. My client was a married man with children and his wife was vulnerable. He was supportive of his wife when this all came out," Watkins said.

When asked about the alleged photo at the center of the case, Watkins could not confirm if said photo even exists.

It’s still not clear if the governor or his ex-mistress will have to testify before the committee.

You can watch Watkins' news conference below in its entirety...