Old Man Winter isn’t ready to go away yet

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WENTZVILLE, MO – “This is the Midwest, this is just what’s going to happen… basically,” Nebraska resident Janelle Branson said.

If you thought we were in the clear from white flakes falling from the sky, Branson says you must have forgotten where you live.

“Where I’m from in Nebraska we have cold in the morning, snow in the afternoon,” she said. “You can go from flipflops to snow boots in the same day. This is nothing new for me!”

Have you heard that before?

It safe to say everyone in Missouri can understand where she is coming from.

In yet another reminder that we’re still in the winter, everyone woke up to snowfall leaving up to 5 inches of snow in some areas.

The snow and rain made for some slick spots, but roads remained clear throughout the day.

Wentzville resident Uston Wylie says he’s learned to deal this weather on a day by day.

“It’s a little different,” Wylie said. “I’m ready for summer but winter hasn’t been so bad.”

While others like Branson tells me, she sits back and let mother nature have at it.

“You can’t control it,” Branson said. “You kind of go with the flow and do what you can do!”

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