Brentwood looks to increase security at MetroLink stop, following woman attacked in garage

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BRENTWOOD, MO - An attempted carjacking is caught on camera inside the Brentwood Metro garage in December.

Now three months later, after a CrimeStoppers report, police have two suspects in custody but they ’re still searching for a third.

“Very surprised about it, I know there's been some incidents around the Metro area but it’s always scary to hear and it just hits home when someone actually talks to you about it,' says a Brentwood resident.

Police arrested 23-year-old Christopher Mitchell and 21-year-old Alexis Jones. Both are charged with attempted robbery. Police have identified the third suspect. In a press release, Brentwood officials say details about the incident were not released to the public at the time because authorities didn’t want the suspect to flee the area.

“Extremely surprised. You constantly see cars coming and going from the cops and I think that’s part of it what makes us all feel safe here, in fact, I’ve called the police from around here once and they responded within like two minutes for an incident that was happening right down the street here," says a regular patron at a nearby business.

“It’s pretty bold if you ask me because there’s always a security guard walking up and down the strip right here so it’s surprising to me," says another man.

Bi-State Development says the garage belongs to Metro and released a statement in part saying, “We are glad that two of the suspects have been arrested and are hopeful the third will be in custody soon...If found guilty, we hope the suspects will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

In the meantime, Brentwood’s new Police Chief Major Joseph Spiess has outlined a new safety plan for the garage and some patrons have a few suggestions.

“More security officers would be great. Having the parking garage and the areas around it better lit would be great too. We have a few lights but not too many so it's just that safety factor," proposes one woman.

The new Brentwood Police Chief plans to take a closer look at the technology inside the garage, add extra patrols and offer a free citizens safety course but a date for that has not been set yet.