Swansea couple gets married on family St. Patrick’s Day float

BELLEVILLE, IL – The Bailey family St. Patrick’s Day celebration took on a new look this year.  The family has its own float it brings out for the parade in Belleville.  This year one of the family members asked if he could marry his bride on the float on St. Patrick’s Day.

“They called about 6 weeks ago and asked what we thought about having a wedding on our float” said Janie Bailey, the groom’s aunt.  “I said I love it.”

Charlie Bailey was the groom.  He said his bride, Mary Roles, came up the idea.

“This has always been a special holiday for us and it just so happened this year it ended up on a Saturday,” said Roles.   “We kind of tossed it around and I said let’s just do it.”

“She came up with the idea so it sounded great to do it on St. Patrick’s Day with the love of my life,” said Charlie Bailey.

The couple was married by St. Clair County Judge Chris Kolker.  He special ordered a green robe for the occasion.

“On a float, on St. Patrick’s Day is absolutely a first for me. I’ve done thousands of weddings but this is the most unique I’ve done yet,” he said.  “They are a wonderful couple.”