Taco Bell to sell bags of chips with flavors based on iconic sauces

ST. LOUIS, MO — Taco Bell has announced that they’re selling chips with flavors based on their fire and mild sauces. There will also be “classic” chip option with no major spices added.

They revealed the news in a tweet Thursday morning. The individually packaged tortilla chips should be on store shelves this May. The packages will also be a nod to the iconic sauce packets.

A release sent to news outlets says the chips are “salted and crispy,” the mild tortilla chips are “seasoned with the bold flavor of Taco Bell’s mild sauce, including hints of three chili peppers and cumin” and the fire tortilla chips “convey the fiery flavor of Taco Bell’s fire sauce, with hints of jalapeño, chili peppers and paprika.”

The restaurant chain plans on selling the flavored chips in bags ranging from 1, 3.5 and 11-ounce bags. The classic chips will also be available in a 13-ounce bag.