Heavy rain has road crews, first responders keeping close eye on low-lying roads

VALLEY PARK, Mo. - As heavy rain falls, police and road crews are paying close attention to low-lying roads in St. Louis County and beyond.

Hazelwood police have already closed the gates on Aubuchon Road between Tesson and Missouri Bottom due to flooding of Cowmire Creek. It is always one of the first sections of roadway to close during heavy rain.

When we start to talk about possible flooding, many drivers begin to worry about Interstate 44 and 141. When the Meramec River floods, the intersection fills with water and needs to be closed for a significant time. MoDOT officials say that why that may be a possibility in coming days, for now, their concerns are about heavy rain and flash flooding. That often only closes down one lane for a short period of time. Of course, MoDOT says that they will be watching things very closely because it is their goal to keep roads open as much as possible.

In Illinois, low-lying roads in Centreville and East St. Louis often face flash flooding. With several rounds of heavy rain on the way, drivers across the region should be ready to find alternate routes. Always remember, if you come across a flooded road, turn around and find another way to get where you are going.