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Too much rain preventing farmers from cutting sod

HAZELWOOD, MO - All the recent heavy rain has put a damper on some local St. Louis area farmers who are trying to cut sod.

They said that the ground is too saturated for even their cutting machines to work.

Tuesday, a handful of rolls of ready to sell sod is what was left at Schroeder Sod Farm in Hazelwood.

Jerry Lindemann said that farmers are used to cutting plenty of fresh sod to sell but too much rain recently has prevented them from trying to cash in on the spring season.

“Business is dead right now,” said Lindemann. “Rain is great for the grass that needs to grow and what we need in the future but the stuff that is ready right now it’s impossible to get to.”

Lindemann said that as soon as spring starts to roll in, the demand for sod tends to go up.

“It’s used for new construction, new housing, a lot of times its used for erosion control,” Lindemann explained. “A lot of rain like this washes the soil away so they put it down to control the erosion.”

Lindemann said that if and until the ground dries up, his cutting trucks will have to stay idle.

“Oh, it’s saturated,” he said, “everybody was praying for rain for a long time and I think we got what we were praying for.”

Lindemann said that the best way to grade or redo your yard is to watch for weather and call your local grower.