Local apple trees ready for warmer weather

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO - The apple trees at Hermans Farm Orchard in St. Charles County are ready to take off, according to longtime owner Tom Goeke.  He described his trees as having a winter clock that’s running out of time.

“What’s going to happen this year is once that ground temperatures hits about 50 degrees these things are going to explode,” Goeke said.

He said the quick budding will be a challenge for his spraying season because it will be condensed.  Different sprays are used during different times of the budding process.  Sprays that have the best results when spread out over time could end up interacting with each other because of the condensed schedule.

“You could actually lose some of your bud crop or all of it, so we have to be really careful,” said Goeke.

He said another factor this year has been a lack of sun recently.  Cloudy conditions have kept some of his tomato plants growing inside a hothouse from looking their best.

Goeke said it’s too soon to know how this year’s crops will turnout but said, “In the end mother nature, if she wants to she’s going to beat you.”