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‘Clowning around’ South St. Louis April Fool’s prank generates hilarious comments


ST. LOUIS, MO — Creepy St. Louis clowns? Amanda Mueller snapped this pic of discarded clown clothes at a dumpster near the intersection of Gustine and Chippewa in south St. Louis.   The picture was posted to the Tower Grove South Facebook page on April 1st with the caption, ” Not gonna open it. Nope.”  That post generated hundreds of reactions.

The prank played well with commenters on social media.  Some of them posted their own silly quips like, “Someone’s just clowning around” and “I’ve seen IT, I know how this ends.”

Others left comments on a picture of the dumpster posted to Mueller’s Facebook profile:

“They probably threw it out because it tasted funny,” posts Amanda Mueller.

“Is that the same dumpster that caught on fire?” writes Abby Vogler.

“Three blocks away! Clearly, dumpsters in my hood are sketchy,” replies Amanda Mueller.

Mueller admits that the pic was staged.  But, a lot of people had some fun with this pic on April Fool’s Day.