What you can and can’t bring into Busch Stadium

ST. LOUIS, MO — Fans attending the Cardinals home opener Thursday will walk through a metal detector, have their bags searched, and be screened with a handheld metal detector. They will be asked to. remove any metal objects from your pockets, including phone, camera, and keys

This year fans are allowed to bring an empty cup or bottle in to the ballpark. But there are some items not allowed in the ballpark. Major League Baseball provides all of those details here. This is the short list:


  • Alcohol and non-alcoholic beer
  • Aluminum cans and glass bottles
  • Flasks
  • Drones
  • Brooms, chairs, stools, and bleacher seats with backs.
  • Facepaint, masks or any costume that covers the head or face.
  • Weapons, fireworks, and noisemakers
  • Backpacks are still banned. But, you may bring a small bag.  Have it opened and ready to be searched when you enter the gates.

There are express lanes available for fans who don`t have bags at gates one, two, four, five and six. Plus, they`ve worked to make it easier for fans to get back in the ballpark if you have to leave for any reason.