Erica Ash and Richard Lawson talk about their new legal drama

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - A new series called "In Contempt" makes its premiere Tuesday night on BET. Created by ex-Manhattan Legal Aid Society's Terri Kopp, "In Contempt" follows a talented and passionate public defender, Gwen Sullivan (Erica Ash), and a variety of legal eagles, who tackle complicated cases for their vulnerable clients.

Joining us from Los Angeles are two of the show's stars, Erica Ash and Richard Lawson.

Award-winning actress Erica Ash (Mad TV, The Big Gay Sketch Show, Survivor's Remorse) leads the cast as an attorney whose passion for the law and clients makes her the most talented public defender in her district.

Richard Lawson plays Earl Sullivan, the father of Erica Ash's character, Gwen Sullivan.


Be sure to catch "In Contempt" on BET Tuesday, April 10, at 9 p.m.