Man charged with DWI after striking, killing motorcyclist with vehicle

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – As the remnants of the crash remain, questions still linger on why 20-year-old Jacob Kaiser’s life had to end so soon.

“He was one of the greatest people I’ve known,” his friend Tanner Rapplann. “He was very, very active in our car community.”

That could explain why Kaiser decided to pull out his motorcycle and hit the road on Wednesday afternoon.

However, his friends and family didn’t expect that to be his last ride.

“I’ve never had anyone close to me pass or anything so I don’t know how to deal with it very well,” Rapplann said.

St. Louis County police say while riding his motorcycle on Lemay Ferry Road, Keiser was allegedly hit by Murrell Ferguson.

Investigators say the 58-year-old man failed to yield to oncoming traffic and struck the young man.

Following his arrest, police say Ferguson blew a .082 into a breathalyzer, just above the illegal limit. He’s now behind bars, charged with a DWI involving a death.

“The kid doesn’t get a chance to grow up to have kids or anything, just because of some dummy in a truck,” a South County resident said.

Kaiser’s friends met up in a St. Louis County park to comfort one another during this tough time.

Though their friend may be gone, Rapplann says they plan to keep his memory alive.

“We’re trying to make a positive light out of it, but everyone’s clearly upset that it happened,” he said. “No one really knows what to think of it, it’s the last person we expected to go.”