New security cameras added to Forest Park entrances

ST. LOUIS – A new feature at Forest Park aims to enhance security and safety for visitors.

Each of the 10 vehicular entrances to Forest Park is now covered with a license plate recognition camera, as well as a surveillance camera.

Lt. Brent Feig with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said the cameras will provide real-time information of individuals who might be a committing a crime within or near the park.

“I think it’s a good message to the public that we’re doing everything we can, both technology and manpower-wise, and all the resources we have at our disposal,” Feig said.

Crime at Forest Park is generally low, Feig said, limited primarily to vehicle break-ins and thefts from vehicles.

But he says the cameras are making a noticeable difference.

“We’ve made several arrests as a direct result of those license plate recognition cameras,” he said.

Back in February, the cameras helped officers locate a driver wanted for property theft.
Feig showed the cameras from the department’s Real Time Traffic Center downtown. The cameras show clear images of the activity happening at each entrance to Forest Park.

“Skinker and Wells, is one, on the west side of the park, that really allows us to see the traffic coming into and out of the park, at the park, but really Skinker - which is really a major thoroughfare as well,” he said.

The cameras are made possible through a partnership between the city of St. Louis, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and Forest Park Forever. Forest Park Forever played a key role covering the cost of the cameras’ installation and maintenance.