St. Ann poised to allow residents to have chickens

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ST. ANN, MO - If you live in St. Ann you may soon be allowed to keep chickens in your backyard. On Monday night, dozens of people came out to discuss their concerns or excitement for the proposed ordinance allowing chickens.

If the proposed ordinance passes in its second version, each person would be allowed three chickens and they would have to be kept in a coop. The chickens would have to not only be kept in the coop but also a pen surrounded by wire netting or a fence to prevent their escape.

On Monday evening, several St. Ann residents discussed their desire to be able to have chickens roam freely in their backyard. Other residents said the city shouldn't pass the ordinance because the chickens will drive their dogs crazy and cause a mess.

The ordinance would not allow for the slaughtering of chickens and eggs wouldn't be allowed to be sold. Chicken coops or pens would be required to sit at least 10 feet away from a property line or fence. Each person who kept chickens would be required to have a permit.

The final version of the proposal is set to be drafted out in the next few weeks, then it will go to the St. Ann Board of Aldermen for a vote.

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