Mysterious questions loom over Greitens case in court

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ST. LOUIS – It was a whirlwind day of activities inside and outside of a St. Louis courtroom concerning the 2 felony cases that Governor Eric Greitens is facing.

After being instructed by the judge not to talk to the media, attorney Al Watkins did just that for some 20 minutes on the courthouse steps. Much of what he said concerned the $100,000 cash that was dropped off at his office.

Watkins said, “There’s no secret here.” But, there were a lot of questions about the $100 grand. Who sent it? Who was it for?

Watkins said he assumed it was a donation to be used for his clients in the Governor Eric Greitens’ invasion of privacy case.  Greitens is charged with taking a photo of his mistress who was partially dressed and transmitting it electronically. One of Watkins’ clients is the ex-husband of the mistress. Watkins said he notified the feds when the $100,000 arrived.  Watkins added, “We photographed them, we photographed the bills, immediately transmitted them to the FBI followed by a telephone call to a special agent with FBI, followed by the deposit of those to a federally insured banking institution.

Watkins told the court he also represented William Don Tisaby who is an investigator in the case hired by the prosecution. The defense expected to depose Tisaby a second time Monday, but no one except Watkins seemed to know where he was.  Watkins said, “I can’t tell you where he is, but I can tell you he’s not in St. Louis.”

He said Tisaby was busy working on a national security issue that will become apparent to everyone and make headlines in a month or two. The judge told Watkins he cannot represent both Tisaby and the ex-husband.

Judge Burlison reminded all attorneys a gag order remained in effect. Courtroom observers said the judge could find Watkins in contempt of court meaning he could go to jail and be fined.

The judge also ordered the prosecution to locate Tisaby and make sure he’s in St. Louis Thursday for a new deposition.  Watkins agreed matters surrounding the $100,000 were mysterious.  He said, “I can tell you with as much sincerity as I have responded to the other inquiries I don’t know who gave it to me.”

Tuesday Judge Rex Burlison may decide a defense request to disqualify the prosecution from handling Greiten’s second felony case.  That case concerns how Greitens raised money for his campaign for governor.

Al Watkins was texted asking about possibly violating the judge’s gag order. At this point, he has not responded.

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