Attorney deposition on mysterious $100,000 payment ends

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ST. LOUIS - More answers were expected in court Tuesday about who may be behind the mysterious $100,000 payment.  It was delivered in two $50,000 bundles to Al Watkins, an attorney involved in the Missouri governor’s invasion of privacy case.

Watkins’ deposition ended Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. with no announcement on any new revelations. It was the second day the Missouri governor’s defense team grilled the attorney who was behind outing the governor’s affair.

The defense got an answer Monday on who delivered half of the $100,000 cash in advance of the governor’s indictment.

The defense said in court Monday it suspects that man is a pawn in a bigger political plan to resurrect a multi-million dollar tax credit program.

Watkins reportedly said in the deposition that Scott Faughn gave him $50,000. Watkins reportedly said a second bundle of $50,000 came from a courier he only knew as "Skyler."

Faughn, who operates an alternative news website, said via social media Monday that he retained Watkins for help writing a book. The Governor’s defense team described Faughn as a highly politically connected individual and hinted that he may have delivered the money on behalf of developers who would lose millions under Governor Greitens push to reform the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.

Defense Attorney Jim Martin said he hoped to learn more about that possible connection as the deposition continued Tuesday, but it ended at 4:30 p.m. without any indication about what may have been revealed. We also didn’t see the same arguments in open court today as we have during past depositions.  We may not learn what happened until a future court date.

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