Court sides with non-biological parent in rights case

CHICAGO (AP) _ An Illinois appeals court says a woman has parental rights to a child her former wife had through artificial insemination before they divorced.

The Chicago Tribune reports Tuesday the 2nd Appellate Court ruling sets a precedent for much of northern Illinois. It also applies to opposite-sex parents where one isn’t the biological parent. Friday’s decision upholds a Winnebago County court ruling.

The non-biological parent’s lawyer, Camilla Taylor, said the decision “solidifies” Illinois laws protecting the relationship between kids and non-biological parents. The biological parent’s attorney, Zachary Townsend, said it was “hard to wrap your head around” the court’s reasoning.

The ruling notes both parents were present for the now-four-year-old girl’s birth and identified themselves as co-parents on the birth certificate.

The issue could eventually go to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Information from: Chicago Tribune,