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FOX 2 anchors to discover DNA test results during newscasts

ST. LOUIS, MO — At-home DNA tests are blowing up in popularity.  With a simple cheek swab, you're able to discover your genetic heritage and health risks.  This week we're testing these kits. Our anchors and reporters will learn their results on live TV.

Sales for at-home DNA tests like My Heritage and 23-and-Me are booming, with $99 million in 2017. This past holiday shopping season 23-and-Me ranked among the top five best sellers on

Despite growing concerns and questions over the accuracy of these tests, sales continue to rise. So what's with all the buzz?
My Heritage gave us these samples so we could find out.

None of the anchors have seen the results yet. Kevin Steincross and Margie Ellisor will discover their results Wednesday at 7:25am.  John Pertzborn, Randi Naughton, and Lisa Hart will find out  more about their heritage Thursday at 7:25am. Glenn Zimmerman and Kim Hudson will learn their results Friday at 7:25am. Tune in for a surprise all this week.