Veteran’s handcrafted cane swiped from De Soto bar

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DE SOTO, MO - A veteran was just trying to relax on Sunday when somebody stole his special cane at a bar. Now, he’d just like to get that cane back.

Security video shows a guy walking out of Fatboy's Saloon in De Soto, MO, with the cane that patron Dennis Baker always kept in the corner while sitting at the bar.

“It had a Marine emblem on it,” explained Baker. “It had a coffee table head on it. It had a keychain holder. It was real nice.”

Baker’s friend custom made it for him. He has blood clots that force his legs to "give out" sometimes and that's why he uses a cane. Now he is having to use a walker, which he says he hates.

“I had that cane for almost five years. I've always brought it in here and set it in the corner. I've had people admire it but nobody's ever stolen it.”

Fatboy's owner Amber Foeller posted about the theft online hoping somebody might recognize the guy. People at the bar say they heard he was from the St. Louis area.

Foeller says, “He's family here and its special to him. It has sentimental value to him and I’m trying to get it back.

Baker is worried that he'll never see his cane again because he says it was collector’s item. As you can imagine, he's not doing well.

“Not real good because I have to use the walker and I don't like walker at all. I used the cane for short distance,” he says.

If you know who the guy in the video is please call police or if you find the cane please return it to Fatboys in Desoto.

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