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Family wants answers from nursing home over grandmother’s mysterious bruises

BOWLING GREEN, Mo. – A family is demanding answers as their grandmother lies in a hospital bed covered in bruises. They believe the injuries happened while she was in the care of a Pike County nursing facility.

Bessie Wamsley is laying in a hospital bed covered in bruises and bumps. She has two black eyes, bruising inside her ear and marks on her face and neck. Doctors tell her family they don’t think she’s going to survive.

“The doctors kind of have the feeling that whatever happened to her lead up to the seizure and the stroke," says Bella Avila.

Avila says Country View Nursing Facility in Bowling Green never notified her family that her grandmother was hurt since they don't have power of attorney.

Staff later told them Bessie fell out of bed. The family contacted the Bowling Green Police Department.

Avila says officers obtained Bessie's medical records that show she was taken to the hospital for a fall on April 19 and was sent back to the nursing home. She says according to police, 10 days later she was sent back to Pike County Memorial and then flown to DePaul Hospital.

“Then the doctors and nurses came in to talk with us and said that if it happened on April 19, the bruising wouldn’t be that fresh," she says.

“She can’t move. I don’t see her going out of bed. She can’t walk. She can’t be on her own let alone roll herself up," says Jennifer Reeves, her other granddaughter.

This isn't the first time the family has noticed injuries.

“She’s had many bruises before. They said she bumped it on the table or that she’s on blood thinners, so she bruises easily, and they always just kind of blew us off. We went up there before and she was missing a fingernail and we asked how and they said she slammed it in her drawer or something," says Avila.

An administrator at Country View didn’t want to go on camera but said by phone they are aware of the situation and that Bessie has been a resident with them for a long time. The administrator says they offer quality care to all of their patients.

“I want my grandma back. I want justice for whatever happened. There’s other families that could be going through this and it’s not fair to them. We need answers," says Reeves.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website, Country View Nursing Facility had two complaint investigations in 2017, three in 2016, and one in 2014, but they don’t go into detail about the suspected violations.